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Water clarifier

Super-concentrated fast acting water clarifier.  Clears cloudy water by collecting small particles that are unable to be filtered into larger filterable masses.  No dilution required.

Other stuff that helps when needed.

how can metals hurt the pool?

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fiber clear

Simply add some of this to the skimmer, it puts a coating on the filter element(s) to help trap smaller particles.


liquid floc

Did he say floc?  Yes, floccing is a settling agent to help make particles fall to the floor of the pool.  This works best when the pH reading is above 7.8.

when should filter cleaner be used?

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what does clarifier do?

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phosphate control

Starve the algae.  Phosphates are food for algae growth.  The lower the phosphate level, the less algae.  Period.


stain & scale control

Inhibit and prevent scale formation from excessive calcium and staining from iron, copper, and manganese.

filter cleaner

Extend the life of your filter element(s) by chemically cleaning about every 4-6 months.  This de-greases as well as removes scale.