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Water balance and sanitizer levels are key to keeping your pool and/or spa clear and healthy.  Poor water balance does a lot of damage at a microscopic level to the pool surface and equipment each day.  As days, weeks, and months go by unchecked the water can literally destroy the finish of your pool or eat out the inside of your filtration equipment and accessories.  Here are some of the balancers we sell.

calcium up

Increases calcium hardness.  Important in the balance and VERY important in protecting the pool surface.


why is water balance so important?

Watch the answer!

ph down

This dry acid decreases the pH of pool water slowly and effectively.  This granular product is more convenient than liquid acid.

we buy the containers back!



Chlorine stabilizer, its like sunglasses for the pool.  This is NOT a balancer, we just needed a place for it.  Other names used are Stabilizer and Cyanuric Acid.

muriatic acid

Decreases pH.  This is a liquid version of pH Down.  It cost less but is more dangerous to work with.  BE CAREFUL handling.

our recycle program

As our way of recycling plastic, we buy back or refill most containers that hold dry product.  We are doing our part, now do yours.

Ph up

Increases pH effectively and conveniently.  Reach optimum pH range with minimal effect on the overall alkalinity.

alkalinity up

Increases total alkalinity in the pool and acts as a buffer to prevent pH bounce, staining, and corrosion.